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How to do Email Marketing Effectively

By far, email marketing has the highest ROI than any other marketing channel. According to Demand Curve, email can drive six times more conversions than a Twitter post and is 40 times more effective than a Facebook post! Email marketing is affordable and effective because it allows you to send the right message to the [...]

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Ranktracker Review

Website traffic is the foundation for a profitable website, and the most profitable website traffic is the traffic, or website visitors, that a website gets from search engines like Google. Why? Because people use social media for entertainment, the use search engines for information to solve their problems and to make transactions. And search engines [...]

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WPX hosting vs Siteground: Simple way to BOOST your Website Load Speed

If you treat your website like a business: Get Quality Website Hosting! Mentioned in this video: WPX Hosting My affiliate link: https://determinedsolutions.com/go/wpx-hosting The secret to website load speed (the 80/20 Rule): 1. Get GOOD HOSTING and 2. Optimize your images Test your website speed with these Free tools: http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ gtmetrix.com/ tools.pingdom.com/ If you have any [...]

Dentist SEO: How to Maximize Dental Patient Reviews

Dental SEO has quickly become an important part of any dental marketing campaign. As more patients use their mobile phone to search for dentists, or dental services, it is vitally important that you have a Google My Business page and various other local listings to ensure that you get found online by people needing the [...]

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