Changing the Fortunes of a Small Business: Local SEO Case Study

Not every business is a good fit for our SEO services.

While most businesses can benefit from more visitors finding their website through Google search, many small local businesses and solopreneurs simply can not afford monthly payments for a year or more.

I would always turn these businesses down because I knew they couldn’t afford ongoing search engine optimization services.

But it didn’t feel right.

I want to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, and these days us smaller businesses need all the help we can get.

So I created the SEO Launch Package, which is basically the first month of work on a small website, plus a little extra work on branding a business in the search results.

Now when a small local business or solopreneur comes to me and I can tell they can not afford ongoing SEO, then I suggest the SEO Launch Package.

Does the SEO Launch Package work?

image of search console

Image from a client’s Google Search Console

The image above is a screenshot of a small local business’s Google Search Console after the SEO Launch Package has been complete.

Your Google Search Console only shows data from how your website appears in the Google search results.  These jagged line you see is a graph of clicks or website visitors this business has received from customers searching on Google.

You’ll notice that this is not a tremendous amount of clicks, but it’s important to put this into perspective.  The most amount of clicks this small local business had ever received from Google searches in one day was 5, and that only happened once.

After the SEO Launch Package, they have now received a maximum of 24 clicks from Google search in one day, and getting 15 clicks per day is common.

The SEO Launch Package made an increase of 3X the most amount of traffic this business ever got a normal average day.

What do you think?

Do you think this had a major impact on the business?  You be it did.

graph of impressions from google search

Impressions on Google Search

This is another image from the client’s Search Console and this is specifically of Impressions on Google search, the red arrow is when the SEO Launch Package was started.

An Impression is what you see when you search Google, and you see 10 search results on the first page.  Each of those search results you see gets an Impression.

A searcher is only going to Click on a few or maybe 1 of the results, so you’ll always have more Impressions than Clicks, but if you don’t have Impressions, then you can’t get Clicks.

You can basically think of Impressions as “exposure” your business gets in Google search results.

As you can see from the image above, which shows the last 16 months of data, this business is hitting new all times highs in Impressions or exposure from Google searches.

What’s interesting about this project is, we removed several pages from the website because the client discontinued one of his services and some of the pages were competing with his other pages (this is called keyword cannibalization).

So when the SEO Launch Package was complete, the website actually had fewer pages that could potentially show up on Google, but the remaining pages were much better optimized which meant that Google could understand the website better and show the website to more searchers.


I asked my client how business was and he said that he is getting more calls and not only that but the calls are more relevant than they were before.

Now his website shows up for the specific service he provides when customers search Google.

These are real customers coming in.  Real money coming into his business from SEO.

This is huge for a small local business.

Are These Results Typical?

It depends.

This website reacted slightly better than I thought it would it some regards, and still not as good in other aspects.

This site is absolutely crushing it for “near me” searches.  Near Me are local searches with some variations like “roofing company near me”, “window tinting near me”, “painting company near me”, etc.

But Google still is not recognizing, or valuing, a few of the pages on the website properly, which if Google were, then the business would get even more traffic and customers.

But this is the SEO Launch Package which is a 1-time setup package, it’s not on-going monthly SEO services.

If this client bought on-going monthly SEO services then we could get even better results.  But monthly SEO services was simply not a reality for this client’s budget.

Who knows?  There is a good chance we’ll work with this client again in the future.

Does this work for every business?


Google treats every niche differently.  Some are easier and some are harder.

We have had sites respond even better than this to the SEO Launch Package, and some not nearly as good.

A situation where the SEO Launch Package is not nearly as effective are YMYL websites.

YMYL stands for Your Money Your Life, these are sites like financial advisors, insurance, dentists, plastic surgeons, etc.

Google treats these sites differently and search engine optimization for this category takes a lot more time, effort, and resources.

The SEO Launch Package can still benefit a YMYL website, because we fix the on-page SEO of the website, or you can think of it as fixing the structure of the information on a website so that Google can understand your site better.

This is the first step in getting more traffic from Google searches, so the work definitely helps, it’s just that your website often will not sail up the search results as quickly as the example in this article.

YMYL sites usually need on going SEO to get to the top of searches because they are so competitive.

Is the SEO Launch Package Right for Your Business?

If you’d like to find out if the SEO Launch Package is a good fit for your business, send us an email at

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