The Real World Impact of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a Shopify website.

Graph of traffic to a Shopify website

We are still in the beginning phases of customers shopping online.

As this trend continues, it will be critical to build out your store or your website, in a manner that makes it easily found in search engines like Google.

The example above are the results of the work I started in March 2020 for a Shopify store.

SEO is a process, it takes time. It is the process of building a business online that gets easily found when customer are searching for your goods and services.

Since work began in the spring, by the time the holiday shopping season came around, the site was already rocking a rolling.

While the numbers for the Black Friday / Cyber Monday week were good, the particulars are quite interesting.

This is a brand that is very popular in it’s niche. It has a certain “cool factor” with it’s fans.

It gets a lot of direct traffic. This is when someone types the URL of the website, directly into the search bar, and gets taken directly to the website, not the search results.

Look at the direct traffic to my client’s website for the BFCM week:

screenshot of traffic numbers inside Google Analytics

My client’s website got more visitors that went directly to their website (about 6 percent more), than they got from visitors that found the website from searching in Google.


The visitors that found the website from searching in Google (SEO), spent 55% more dollars in revenue.

The search traffic was far more valuable than the traffic from people that already knew the brand.

That is what surprised me. I thought the fans of this company, that go directly to the website, would be more valuable than people that were unfamiliar with the brand, but found them through Google searches.

Well, I was wrong.

Traffic from SEO is by far the most lucrative form of traffic to this website.

This client is now hooked.

2019 online sales were 7 1/2% of total revenue. For 2020 online sales were 20% of revenue.

An increase of 167% in 9 months from search engine optimization.

Goal for 2021 is for online sales to be 50% of revenue.

This is what happens when SEO is executed properly, as a building strategy.

We started work in the spring, and continued to improved the site all year, and when the busy season hit, the website performed it’s job as an online 24/7 salesperson.

Now we will build on the site even more to hit this year’s lofty goal.

If you’d like to get more traffic to your website, by building your site to show up at the top of Google with search engine optimization, go to my website and fill out my Discovery Form, to get started today.

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