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I’ve known Bruce for many years. He’s one of those people that pursues his passions with great vigor, immersing himself in his work. When Bruce has an objective, it’s fun to watch him pursue the end goal. I say this because he’s literally the most persistent individual I’ve ever met when it comes to accomplishing a deliverable he’s tasked with and does so only at the highest level; never settling for anything less than perfection. When he became interested in SEO concepts and mastering SEO techniques, I knew if I am ever in need of an SEO expert, without hesitation he’s the first person, the only person, I would go/run to for help and advice in optimizing a website’s ability to draw in the demographic my client’s after. When it comes to his capabilities in SEO, he delivers every time. Settling for less than the best has never been an option for Bruce, which is what makes him so effective at his craft.
Trey Scott, GDH Consulting
Bruce is very knowledgeable in SEO, in addition to being a hard worker. He’ll get the job done right!
Tom Wooters, PhD, Medical Writer at ICON
Bruce is absolutely killing it with SEO. He has lot of experience and uses all of the cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver the best results possible. I can highly recommend him.
Oliver Kuerrer, SEO-Experte
Bruce is absolutely killing it with SEO. He has lot of experience and uses all of the cutting edge SEO techniques to deliver the best results possible. I can highly recommend him.
Robert Coe, Owner at Snow Fox SEO
If you are looking for someone that can get your business more exposure, and more customers, then Bruce is your guy. He is well skilled in Search Engine Optimization. As a student of mine, he learned what it takes to move a business’ website to the top of the search engines. Bruce’s skills will bring your website more customers, and greater revenues.
Gregory Ortiz, Digital Marketing Consultant To Various Fortune 500 Companies. Entrepreneur.
Bruce has a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization. He knows what it takes move a business to the top of search results. He studied, then applied all the important techniques of SEO that I taught. If you need to get your business in front of more people actively searching for your goods and services, then contact Bruce today.
Kotton Grammer, Digital Marketer Featured in Forbes & INC. Founder Kotton Grammer Media
Bruce is fantastic to work with. His skill set when it comes to SEO is exceptional. The care Bruce shows his clients and his commitment to helping them succeed with their business is priceless. If you are looking to enhance your presence online with Search Engine Optimization and stay ahead of your competitors, I highly recommend Bruce.
Tatyana Miller, Graduate School UNCC Charlotte
Bruce Paulson? If you’re in North Carolina and haven’t heard of him, well, you probably aren’t ranked #1 on Google. Bruce has received invaluable secrets and information from some of the top SEO agencies in the world and has been generous enough to share some of his knowledge with me. Bruce’s SEO expertise are unprecedented, and if you want your site ranked, he’s your man.
Joshua Hudson, Owner of Exccel Point LLC
“Ridiculously Efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Bruce. His systematic, highly effective approach to SEO is what gives him the option to pick and choose which clients he works with. Don’t hold back, give him all of the information he asks for, and as you rise to the top of the search results, your profits will double, then more than likely triple. Hope this helps!
Jamie R. Morris, SEO Expert
The value that Bruce offers is truly priceless. His services and personal knowledge have helped our companies visibility grow immensely. Everyone I have referred Bruce to has been ecstatic with his work.
Guy Whilden, Financial Services | Piedmont Planning
Bruce helped me grow my business with his SEO solutions.
Jeffrey Murphy, Premier Research
If you’re looking to get results from your online marketing you need to get the right people working on your SEO. Bruce at Determined Solutions SEO is one of a hand full of people who are truly capable of delivering results. Since enlisting his services we have seen a significant increase in new customers. My only regret is that we did not start working with Bruce sooner.
Stephen Vick, Acorn + Oak Property Management
I have worked with Bruce on numerous SEO projects over the last few years, from small businesses to large operations with service areas in multiple states across the country.
Khaled Soliman, Owner - Internet Marketing Elites, LLC
Bruce has continually over delivered his skill and knowledge of how to use SEO to grow a business. There is no one better to have in your corner. He’s been instrumental in increasing traffic to my business. Thanks Bruce!
Avram Gonzales, The Boulder SEO Expert
Bruce is a veteran SEO specialist with the ability to increase business to client’s websites properly from the beginning.

While working with Bruce, he was able to diagnose missed opportunities for my business and show me how to get in front of more buyers while using Google to promote my services for free.

Bruce provides effective search marketing plans that deliver results.

Jacob Bielovas, JB Marketing
Determined Solutions SEO flat out produces results. Working with Mr. Paulson has been a great benefit to my business. He is efficient in responding to his clients’ needs and is also very knowledgeable in his field. If you need your website to get noticed and want to get it done right, contact Determined Solutions today.
James Allen, Search Paladin
He has helped my business grow so much by not only getting us customers from Google, but also top social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Bruce is amazing at getting results, and all the keywords I signed up for are all on the first page.

I highly recommend him for his SEO services.

Alex Furfaro, Alex Furfaro Consulting
Bruce is one of the brightest minds in search engine optimization. He truly understands how digital marketing can help a business and thankfully he shares his insights and creates products to help others.

A class act.

Cory Rentas, The Silver Koi Fish
Bruce goes the extra mile to ensure that all the possible bases are covered and that all of the targeted traffic for your city will be included on the first page of Google. Bruce Paulson delivers!
Amy Cooper, Clever Stewie Media Agency
Bruce is an outstanding SEO who provides exceptional service and advice on digital marketing and search engine optimization. While working with Determined Solutions, we were able to gain significantly more phone calls to my business due to our increased exposure on Google and YouTube.

I would strongly recommend his services to any business owner that needs an effective marketing solution.

Mathew Morettin, Mathew Morettin Internet Marketing
I can’t really say enough about Bruce. He is incredibly knowledgeable of his profession; if he can not help you he will be honest and let you know that you are not a good fit as a client and if he CAN help you he doesn’t lock you into a long term contract. Bruce is knowledgeable, personable and honest. At the end of the day you can’t ask for much more than that. I highly recommend Bruce Paulson.
Robbie Norris, Master Agent at NC Farm Bureau
Bruce is truly one-of-a-kind! In the digital marketing and SEO industry, especially in the Triangle, business owners are competitive and cut-throat. Bruce is kind and knowledgeable to everyone he meets. If you are reading this trying to decide if working with Bruce is right for you, the answer is yes!
Ashley Morrison, Abundant Marketing
I highly recommend Mr. Paulson. He was extremely knowledgeable about his craft and very professional. We were amazed by the incredible results that other SEO’s promised but never delivered.

Top of his class.

Christopher Caliph Herald, Owner - Herald Square SEO
Bruce is truly an innovator in online marketing. His level of understanding of search engines is above and beyond the average SEO experts. I would proudly recommend Bruce and his marketing agency to anyone who wants to dominate their market place. Don’t wait, jump on the train of your future.
Vella Frakes, Online Media Journalist
I can’t recommend Bruce enough! Bruce thrives on helping businesses obtain new customers through search engine marketing.

You know he knows what he’s talking about because he applies what he knows to his own business and it works!

If you want your business to rank at the top of google when a customer is searching for what you do, then you need to meet with Bruce Paulson. Hands down, best investment for your business. What do you have to lose? About a few thousand customers.

Pam Goodman, President - K6 Easy
If you’re looking for a leading SEO expert on the cutting edge, look no further than Bruce Paulson, He will, without a doubt, overcome any challenge in raising your website to the top of the search engines. Fully endorsed and highly recommended.
Mark Daoud, Marketing Consultant
Bruce helped us customize our website across our various brands, manage engagement, and get the best value for our money. He is responsive and flexible; two traits I really need and appreciate in a business partner. Bruce is a polished and professional, and an excellent search engine marketer. I have gained much knowledge about the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization in particular through Bruce’s guidance.
O. Moses, Creative Director/Designer at Oludar & Co.
If you are looking for an expert in the field of SEO, look no further than Bruce. The service we’ve received from him has consistently been above and beyond our expectations. Bruce will definitely give you the edge your business needs to dominate your market!
Amanda Mac, Founder at Amanda Mac Design
Bruce is a phenomenal search engine marketer. His skills and expertise really shines in the results that he delivers. If you want to have a competitive advantage online by dominating your sector, I recommend you contact Bruce for all your internet marketing needs.
David Nguyen, Nationally Recognized SEO Expert | Blue Bird SEO
Bruce is an expert at Search Engine Marketing. He will take your business to the top of the search results. I have watched as Bruce has studied, and applied the important aspects of Search Engine Marketing that I’ve taught him. His expertise will benefit your company by giving you more of the most valuable asset for any business… customers.
Joshua Fletcher, Founding Partner at Call Tracking Pro
I like to work with Bruce on a continuous basis because he owns some of the important ingredients that others lack – integrity, useful knowledge, world-class skills and human warmth. He will do more for your business that you can imagine right now.
Martin Jošt, Professional Music Transcriber
Bruce is an expert in the field of SEO & SEM. Because he stays ahead of trends, he is one of the most popular SEOs in the industry. I highly recommend his services, because he will get you more traffic and expand your business!
Ashley Usoh, Nationally Recognised Digital Marketer That Specialises In Affiliate Marketing
Bruce goes above and beyond the competition when it comes to search engine optimization. He is very impressive in his approach to building an authoritative brand. He is a true SEO professional and has helped take my business to the next level. Any company that has Bruce and his team by their side will have the unfair advantage. Highly recommended.
Jessica Robinson, Top Eagle Digital
Determined Solutions SEO really helped our business. With Bruce’s thought leadership in the industry, he was able to map out a strategy tailored to our market goals. Additionally, Bruce was able to translate the alphabet soup of SEO into real meaningful stuff for us. He improved our Google rankings, increased organic traffic to our website by 108%, and decreased the cost per conversation, on the pay-per-click side, by well over 50%. It is very difficult to find a reliable SEO firm, but I’m happy I found Determined Solutions SEO.
Brian Dutton, Account Executive at CloudBees
Bruce is deeply passionate about making the benefits of SEO available for “Main Street” businesses. He is committed to your success as he knows that “success” is returned to the community many times over. If you’re looking to grow your business and your revenues, you will not find a better partner than this guy!
Adriana Montanari, Internet Entrepreneur.
“There was so much about marketing my business on the internet that I didn’t understand. Bruce at Determined Solutions SEO, was able to show me, in terms I could understand, how I could grow my real estate business, by making it easy for customers to find my website online.
Determined Solutions SEO improved my rankings in Google, which brought more customers to my website. We added in some video marketing to gain even more customers.

My business has benefitted from having a strong online presence. The services that Bruce provides are now an important part of my overall marketing plan. If you want results, give Bruce a call!”

Neill Watson, Mallard Realty Group
Working with Bruce at Determined Solutions was great. He’s honest, personable and most importantly he’ll treat your business like it’s his own.

Your customer base and leads will grow tremendously as a result of his services.

Tatiana Proctor, Tatiana Designs
I highly recommend search engine optimization to anyone who is look looking to grow their business online. I have worked with many SEO specialists over the years and can say that Bruce is up there among the best. He is certainly very capable of ranking in the search engines for highly competitive keywords.
Jack Kelsall, Kelsall SEO
I highly recommend Bruce as a person who has extensive knowledge and advanced SEO expertise. He has demonstrated his abilities in search marketing time and time again with proven results. His clients are his top priority and I recommend him to anyone searching for a top digital marketer in the industry.
David Castro, Rank Rabbit
If you want to effectively reach your target market, then I highly recommend Bruce. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to search engine marketing. If you have used the yellow pages and other online marketing services, then you are not getting much return for your investment. Call the best! Call Bruce!
Tim Wright, Wright Brothers' Landscaping & Tree Service
Bruce at Determined Solutions helped my business take control of our digital marketing. We needed help and didn’t know where to start. Bruce took our website from the back of Google, where no one could find us, to the top of search results that are important and lucrative to my business. I highly recommend his services.
DJ Cartledge, Director of Business Development at Wisconsin Expo, Inc
Bruce is there for his clients with integrity and professionalism. He is someone you want on your team. Working with Bruce is a delightful experience that is also profitable. Since working with him at Determined Solutions, I’ve taken my business successfully in a new direction and received significantly more return on my marketing efforts.
Josh Parker, Badger SEO
Bruce is nothing if not extremely dedicated to helping his clients. He was able to bring more visibikity, traffic, brand authority, and most importantly, more paying customers to my website.

As an online educator, I needed to bring not just any visitors, but the right type of visitors that would likely turn into customers. Determined Solutions has been critical in helping grow my business.

Katelin Hodges

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