How to 10X your views, simply by distributing your content.

I was hesitant to include this article on my blog.

The reason is that this blog is about “dental marketing” and how dentists can get more patients by getting their practice found online, and most dentists do not create content.

Most dentists don’t create blog posts, or post articles on other authoritative dental websites, or create videos, or even post on LinkedIn and Twitter.

At least this has been my experience working with dental clients.

But, if you do create content, weather submitting articles to other websites, or writing articles for your own blog, or creating videos, then please keep reading.

This article is for you.

I have a YouTube channel ( that is a companion to this blog.  My videos, which are primarily about how dentist’s can get more patients using digital marketing, are really not that exciting.

Unless you are in the very small niche of a dentist trying to get more patients, then my content isn’t going to be interesting to you (even though much of my techniques apply to all businesses that want more customers from the internet. Hint hint).

Also, my video production quality is non-existent.  The value of my videos is in the content of the marketing ideas and techniques for dentist, not in the entertainment value of my videos.

Because of these factors, I have very small number of views on my YouTube videos.

You Work Hard to Create Content, and No One Sees It

It’s hard to create content.  If you want to create a video or write an article, that your target audience will find useful or helpful, you put a lot of effort into it.

You come up with ideas, then you select the best one.  If you create a video, you might have to set everything up, then it may take you several different attempts, to get a quality take that you feel comfortable publishing.

The same goes with writing an article.  You come up with ideas, then you select the idea that you think is the most important or that will get the most traction.  Then you spend a lot of time writing it, then spend a lot of time editing it.  And then you publish.

After you publish… crickets.  No one sees your video, or your view counts are disappointingly low.  No one Comments, likes, or shares your video or blog post.

What’s the point of even putting in all that work to create content?

How to Easily Get More Views to Your Content

Well, there is a simple solution to this problem, a technique that I use here at Determined Solutions.

Let’s use the example of my video: Common Way Dentists Lose 💲💲 with Google Ads.

As of this writing, that video only has 7 views on YouTube.  That’s nothing.

Most people would see that low number, get frustrated and quit.  But what if I told you, I had almost 10 times that many views?

Well, you can easily get way more views to your content by distributing your content as far and wide as you can.

Anyone Can Get More Visibility by Distributing Their Content

You see, I made a video, then I posted it on YouTube, but I didn’t stop there.  I also posted Common Way Dentists Lose Money with Google Ads on Bitchute, a website similar to YouTube that hosts videos.

After that I posted the video on LinkedIn.  Not only did I post on my personal LinkedIn page, but I also posted on the Determined Solutions company page as well.

Next, I did the same thing on both Facebook and Twitter.  I posted the video on both my personal and company pages on both.

So let’s run the numbers.  As of this writing, my video Common Way Dentists Lose 💲💲 with Google Ads has received this many views on each platform:

YouTube – 7

Bitchute – 28

LinkedIn personal – 26

LinkedIn Company – 3

Facebook personal – ?  I can’t see the views, FB doesn’t give that info

Facebook Company – 3 likes, so I’m guessing that’s 3 views.

Twitter personal – 0 views, 48 Impressions

Twitter Company – 0 views, 53 Impressions

So if we just add up these views, we get 7+28+26+3+3 = 67 views.

That’s almost 10X the number of views of just YouTube.

Would you like to 10X your YouTube views?

Then distribute your content!

I’m being conservative with the numbers as well.  I’m not counting things like Impressions, Engagements, or Page Views of the blog post with the same title that features the video.

And you can distribute you content far wider than just this and it doesn’t matter if you use video or text.  You can post on sites like Vimeo, Medium, Instagram, just to name a few.

You can go to the website and find a ton of sites to distribute your content to.

The secret to attention on the internet is to distribute your content.

And a great twist on this idea, is that a lot of these videos and blog posts will get indexed in Google Search, offering you even more ways to get found online.

Now, I know most dentists don’t produce any content, so this article won’t be of help to most dentists.  But this is what I do, and I kinda know how to get targeted traffic from the internet *hint, hint.

So if you are a dentist practice that actually does post articles, videos, and on social media, take a few extra minutes and distribute your content far and wide!

You’ll be happy you did.


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