The Easiest Way for Dentist’s to Build the Know, Like, and Trust Factor

When you need to a realtor to help buy or sell your home, who to you use?

When you need an Estate Attorney, who do you use?

When you need Piano Lessons for you child, who do you use?

When a patient needs a new dentist, who do they choose?

We choose to buy goods and services from the people we Know, Like, and Trust.

Build Trust with Video

So, how can a patient that needs a new dentist find one they Know, Like, and Trust?

Well, if a local dentist has made a bunch of videos, and distributed those videos all over the internet and social media, there’s a great chance that patient has watched the videos, feels a connection with the dentist, and that’s who they are going to schedule an appointment with.

With technology that is in your phone, it’s never been easier to create a video and put it on the internet.

As humans we are just drawn to other people.  That’s why TV was the dominant media that over took print and radio.  And  videos on the internet are still the best, fastest, and easiest way to build Know, Like and Trust.

I’m sure there is some deep psychological research as to why humans are attracted to video, and if I find a great resource explaining it I’ll come back and link to it, but the important this is videos work.

Why Dentists Won’t Use Videos to Help Get More Patients

Most dentists aren’t going to make short, simple, informative videos for the same reason that nearly all business owners won’t make videos either.

Because Excuses:

You’re not comfortable on the camera.

You don’t know what to say.

You don’t think the video production is good enough.

You don’t think it’s professional.

You don’t know how.

What excuses am I missing?  I know that “you don’t have a camera” is not an excuse because every dentist has a perfectly capable video camera in there phone in their pocket.

Remember, you might have to get out of your comfort zone a little.  Perfection is the enemy of progress.  Imperfect action is your friend.

And done is better than perfect.

Here’s an example of “done is better than perfect.”

I don’t mean to be mean about this, but I hear this all the time.  And most dentist refuse to make videos talking about themselves, their team, and their dental practice.

They are missing out.

I hope you start making videos so you can help more dental patients, and help your practice get more clients.



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