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In this video, I talk about a simple and brutally effective way to get more traffic to your website using “How To” videos.

This page is an example of exactly what I was talking about in the video.

Simple Breakdown of the YouTube SEO Technique

So here’s the basic outline of this simple effective idea.

1. Think of something that can help your target customer that you can make a simple video of.  Then go to Google and search.

If you’re a realtor, you might search “how to apply for a home mortgage…” and then Google will auto suggest “how to apply for a home mortgage loan for the first time”.

Create that video, and post it on your YouTube channel with the title: How to apply for a home mortgage loan for the first time.

Then create a page on your website with that same title, or something very close:

Then place that link in the description area of the YouTube video.

This way you can get relevant visitors from both YouTube and Google.

And just repeat this process over and over.

It works great, simple, free, and it builds on itself over time.

Here is an Audio Transcription of the Video:

Hi folks. I’m Bruce Paulson with Determined Solutions Search Marketing. In this video I’m going to show you a simple technique to get more traffic to your website using simple YouTube SEO tactics that anyone can do as long as you have a smartphone, so you can make a simple video just like this one. Obviously I’m not doing this video on my phone, but it’s just a simple screen share video, but you can do it with your phone. And the way you want to do this is with one, you need to create a YouTube channel, which is free and easy to do. Just Google “how to create a YouTube channel.” It’s very simple.

Then you want to, this simple tactic is simply creating how-to videos or some type of explainer type video. To start off, maybe just stick to how-to. I go to YouTube all the time, like how to change my windshield wiper or how to do a lot of, I like to tinker around on my car, so I’ll search for, “how to you replace this gasket?”

There’s all these types of videos there. So I recommend that you talk about something you’re an expert in. So if you are a roof inspector, talk about how to look for damage on your roof or how to look for a roof leak. Or if you sell gardening supplies, like how to create a home vegetable garden. And I recommend, this is something I do, you don’t have to do it, but if you’re looking for topics, just go to Google, kind of get something like your topic and put it into Google and use one of these automated drop-downs.

So “how to create a home vegetable garden.” So if you sell gardening supplies, do a video called “How to Create a Home Vegetable Garden in one hour,” or something like that. You don’t have to do exactly that, but use that in your title and create your video around that.

Put that up on your YouTube channel and then in the description, write a little description and put a link to your website and create a page on your website about how to create a home vegetable garden. And I’ll show you, I’ve done this, so I don’t know, maybe last year I created this video about how to create a Google post for free, and if you go to Google and type in “how to create a Google post for free,” you see my video.

We go here into the video and here I am with my mouth open, staring at the screen, and in the description is a link, right here, to my page on my website that is “How to Create a Google Post for Free” inside your Google My Business account. And then here’s my video embedded and just some text about whatever, how to do it.

It’s a simple process and this is one of my most popular videos. No one watches my stuff, I don’t really produce many videos and just SEO videos, but it’s one of my most watched videos because it’s a how-to video. People love going to YouTube for how-to type stuff.

Or you can do something like “Creating Google Posts for Free Explained,” an explainer type video. And you can get more targeted traffic to your website and anyone can do this and it’s free and it works really well. I highly recommend doing it. It’s a very simple process. And so like “How to Create a Home Vegetable Garden” or, let’s see, I don’t know, if you’re an insurance salesman, it could be “How to Know You’re Getting a Good Deal on Insurance.”

And then you could link it to your page on your company’s insurance website. Just make sure, and if you can’t create a separate page for the video, just link it to, say you are an insurance salesman and you don’t have your own website, you work for somebody, like a big insurance company like State Farm or something, just send the link to your profile on the big website and you’d be surprised.

You get people looking for all these random stuff. The internet is huge. YouTube, huge, Google and look like, so this shows up in YouTube Search and in Google Search. So that’s two places that get tons of traffic that people can find you. This is free and anyone can do it.

So hopefully that makes sense. If you have any questions, just send me an email at, but it’s pretty simple, straightforward. Okay. Thanks a lot.