My Simple 3 Step Process to Get Dentists More Patients

Would you like to know the exact proprietary system I developed to get dentists more patients?

It’s a simple 3 step process.

1. Put Your Dentist Schedule Online using LocalMed

The first thing a dentist needs to do is get their open schedule online to allow patients to book a real appointment, any time of the day or night at the patients convenience.

Having your schedule online just makes sense.

You can buy a plane ticket online, 24 hours a day and now with LocalMed, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist 24 hours a day.

I require all my dentist clients to have the schedule online. This is the quickest way to get new patients.

I don’t work for LocalMed, they are just the first and best real time online scheduler and I’ve worked with this tool for years.

I don’t even make a commision off of recommending LocalMed, although if you sign up to LocalMed with my referral link, you get a big discount.

When I first started recommending LocalMed to dentists, I had the option of getting paid a commission for the referral, or get a big discount for the dentists I refer.

I opted for the big discount for my clients because I wanted the lowest barrier for them to get their schedule online. I didn’t want to sell it, I just wanted it done, because I know how effective the tool is.

Even if you just read this article, and never buy my services, I still recommend you put LocalMed on your website.

localmed schedule

This is an example of a practice already using LocalMed.

I’ll probably write an entire article just on why you should be using LocalMed, but I digress.

**An important thing to know is that when you combine LocalMed with my other two new patient getting strategies, you turbo charge your results.

2. SEO or Moving Your Website to the Top of Google Searches

Search engine optimization, or SEO is how I first started working with dentists. 

The goal with SEO is to move your website to the top of Google searches for dentists searches in the city your office is in.

So if your office is in Nashville, Tennessee, you want your practice to show up at the top of Google searches for “nashville dentist”.  The search “nashville dentist” gets approximately 490 searches every month. 

dentist seo example

The higher you show up on the first page of the search results the more clicks to your website, online schedule, and calls to your practice.

And ultimately, the more new patients you’ll get.

Now, SEO is a little more complicated than that.  It’s a whole process of fixing your website and your brand, so that your website is easily understood by Google.  If you make it easy for Google to understand what your website is about, then Google feels better about sending more traffic (patients looking for a dentist) to your website.

The better Google understand your website, the higher it will show you in the search results and the more clicks to your website, online schedule, and calls to your practice, etc.

This process of optimizing your website also makes it easier for your practice to show up for all manner of different searches related to your services like cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, dental bridges, or whatever is your specialty.

SEO is competitive, difficult, and time consuming.

I won’t sugar coat it, SEO is hard and it takes time to get to the top of search results that will have a meaningful impact on your business.  Often it takes a minimum of 10 to 12 months.  You’ll see improvement in less than a year, but the goal post takes a while to get to.

SEO is the process of building a business online.  And just like in the real world, almost no dentists build as startup into a huge successful practice in 3-6 months.

The dentists that are already at the top of Google searches, that you are aiming for, have spent a lot of time, resources, and effort to get there.  They won’t give up easily.

I’m super competitive and I can beat the competition, I’ve got a lot of experience doing this, but it doesn’t happen over night.  It’s not like flipping on a light switch.

So why go through the trouble of SEO?

For the same reasons it’s so difficult to get to the top, it’s difficult for others to overtake.  You can get more traffic from SEO than from Google Ads. 

Generally, you will get the highest conversions (searchers that become patient) from SEO traffic. The reason is, the searcher is actively looking for a solution to their problem. They are already significantly down the customer journey.

When they find the solution to their problem, in this case your dentist website, they are ready to call and purchase.

And SEO is usually the highest ROI of any digital marketing a dentist can do.  It pays for itself many times over, over time.

3. Google Adwords

Now, Google Ads is the closest thing to “flipping a light switch” on this list.  And even with Google Ads, the first month of running ads is mostly about collecting data, and then optimizing the ad campaigns once you have the data. 

I do everything I can to optimize the first months ads, and I have a good idea of what works with dentist ads from lots of experience, but Google Ads do take a little bit of time initially.

What’s nice about Google Ads is that they are easy to scale.  And you can turn them off, and turn them on, which you can’t do with SEO.

Putting The Process Together

LocalMed real-time online scheduling + search engine optimization + Google Ads = lots of new dental patients, which means more money for you.

On average in the United States, a dental patient spends $1,000 a year at their dentist.  The average patients stays with their dentist for 10 years. 

One new patient is worth, on average, $10,000 to a dental practice.

Even if these numbers are high for the area you practice in, can see how important new patients are to your bottom line?

How many new patients do you need to have a positive effect on your business?

Why Am I Detailing This Proprietary Process For Free?

Great question.

At first, I wouldn’t tell other people my system.  I’d tell my dentist clients, but no one else.  Well, I also told my Mom so that she would be proud of me for creating something.

I’m not the only SEO agency.  I’m not the only Google Ads agency.  I’m not the only one recommending LocalMed. 

And there are a ton of “dental marketing agencies”, and I mean a ton.

But I’m the first SEO to combine having a dentist schedule online + visitors to a dentist website with Google SEO and paid ads.

Eventually, I started telling other digital marketers about this technique.  I told social media companies, Facebook Ads experts, and I even started telling other SEO companies.

Everyone thought the idea of adding a dentist’s online schedule (conversion) + Google SEO and Ads (traffic) to the website and schedule from Google, was a great idea.

And I thought I see a lot of companies copy me.

Nope, never happened.  Not even close.

There were a few companies that liked the idea.  They had a bunch of meetings, then had a bunch more meetings, then nothing happened.

That’s when I remembered that people just don’t take action.  It’s hard to take action.  I’m guilty of this myself.

I’ve had experts show me how to create email lists, Facebook Ads, YouTube thumbnails, all types of different stuff.  I even paid good money for this stuff.  But I never followed through, I never took action.  And so I don’t offer any of those services.

That’s just the way people are in general.  People don’t take action.

PLUS even if another marketing company copied exactly what I recommend, it still doesn’t affect me. 

I simply have more reps doing this than anyone else.  I created it.  I’ve got a ton of experience in this specific niche.

I can advise clients on how to optimize their schedule.  No other marketing company can offer insights like that. 

I’ve moved websites to the top of Google searches in some of the most competitive niches.  SEO is hard, and I’ve got thousands of hours doing it. 

Experience can’t be copied.  It’s my competitive advantage.

So that’s why I can tell you exactly how I can get your dental practice more patients.  This is a process.  It works.

If you’d like to get started, go and fill out my Discovery Form.

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