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Do You Need Help Getting FREE Traffic to Your Shopify Store?

If you’re like most business owners that are running your store on Shopify, you need to get your products in front of customers that are actively searching Google for them.


Because every business needs the ATTENTION of their customers.

All you have to do to get the ATTENTION of customers that are already searching Google, is to move your products to the top of Google searches using search engine optimization or SEO.

Now, we all want to show up at the top of Google searches, but do you know just how valuable it is to an Ecommerce store?

Look at this data from the Google Analytics of a Shopify store that is winning with SEO:

shopify seo traffic

The highest converting traffic, are the visitors that find the website in Google while performing a search.

In this case, this website get most of it’s visitors from showing up organically in the Google search results, so SEO is the largest and most valuable traffic for this website.

This is not an accident.

This is the result of a working on the details of the Shopify store to improve the SEO.

Improve Your Shopify Traffic Stats

How can you get more visitors to your Shopify store if you don’t know how to implement SEO?

You have two options:

1. Hire experts at ecommerce and Shopify SEO like Determined Solutions, who charge a lot of money because they have a history of getting results for clients.

2. You take the most comprehensive Shopify SEO course available:

What is ShopifyX SEO Version 2?

It is a complete course that walks you through creating a Shopify store from the absolute beginning, like:

  • what the advantages and disadvantages are of Shopify for search engine optimization
  • how to pick a good domain name for your website
  • what tools you’ll need, both paid and free versions

As well as all the more complicated and technical stuff like:

  • keyword research
  • duplicate content and canonical problems that are built into every Shopify site, and how to fix them
  • how to build links
  • Schema or Structured Data Markup for you store

The Over The Shoulder Style

ShopifyX SEO Version 2 is built by my buddy Jono Farrington and he’s one of the leading experts on optimizing Shopify websites to perform better in Google.

What I like best about this course is that it is a step-by-step course.

Jono has video’s showing you every step of the process. These types of videos are called “over the shoulder” because it’s as good as sitting next to Jono while he builds out a store.

The “over the shoulder” or OTS style is the way that I learn best because I can pause the video, go to my own Shopify store, implement the improvements, then continue with the process.

I can’t stress how important the OTS style is for SEO. If I couldn’t see exactly what was being done on the screen, step-by-step, then I could not recommend this course.

It’s because of this OTS style that someone that doesn’t know anything about SEO, can watch these tutorials and implement changes that will have a dramatic improvement on the traffic to their Shopify site.

What Do You Get in the Course?

Currently (as of July 2020), there are over 100 modules to follow, with more being added when necessary.

You’ll learn:

  • What tools you’ll need for implementation, organization, and tracking your Google traffic and rankings
  • Website planing of keywords and planning your site structure
  • Recommended themes and apps (both paid and free) to install
  • How to collect useful Data with Google Analytics and Search Console, and software like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog
  • On-page optimization of Home page, Collection pages, Product pages, and blog posts
  • How to optimize your images (this is a huge, overlooked aspect of SEO for ecommerce stores)
  • How to fix technical problems with duplicate content, pagination, canonicals, and internal links
  • The code to implement the technical fixes (huge!)
  • How to implement Schema markup
  • How to build quality backlinks


You also get access to the private EcomX Shopify SEO Facebook group.

This is huge because you can ask questions and other Shopify owners, that are going through the course can help out and give you feedback, and Jono also is great at answering questions, and I try to help out folks as well.

Who Is this Shopify SEO Course For?

  • Shopify website owners that need to make more sales
  • Website owners that are tried of spending money on Paid Ads
  • A business owner that is serious about building a real business on the internet and wants to learn real search engine optimization from the ground up
  • A business owner that already has lots of traffic from social media, email lists, paid ads, and want’s to solve the most complicated and valuable part of the equation: How to get FREE traffic from Google search

Why Should You Bother Listening to Me?

This is a great question.

My name is Bruce Paulson and I’m an SEO expert. You can learn more about me on my About page.

I’ve been moving websites to the top of Google searches in niches like medical, roofing, dog kennels, language learning, dental, travel, mold removal, sports equipment, and many more since 2015.

I’ve known Jono Farrington, the creator of ShopifyX SEO Version 2 for several years.

I knew Jono was good with Shopify and when I signed on a client that was already on the Shopify platform, I reached out to him with questions about the technical aspects of the duplicate content, pagination, and canonicals because it’s a bit tricky.

He gave me some great feedback and that’s when he told me about his Shopify SEO course. I knew he worked with clients but I didn’t know that he’d built a course.

He gave me access and right away I was impressed.

That’s why I’m recommending ShopifyX SEO Version 2 (I’m an affiliate for the course).

How Much Is the Course?

The problem with the course is that it is too cheap.

Right now, as of July 2020, the entire course and access to the private Facebook group, is only $147.

If you think that is too good to be true, I agree with you.

That’s ridiculously cheap. Too cheap.

It should be at least $1,470. And it would still be worth it.

All you have to do is follow the steps and you too can get more traffic and sales.

And if you hired me I’d be at least $1,470/month and most likely much more.

Well, this is Jono’s first time creating a course. He doesn’t understand how valuable it is.

I’m trying to get him to raise the price, but until he does, it’s only $147.

Get a FREE Trial

This deal gets even crazier because right now, you can get a FREE Trial of the course, that will give you access to the first 11 video modules.

Then, if you like what you see, you can pay for access to the entire thing.

And, if you don’t see the quality, you lose nothing out of your pocket.

You can click the button below to Sign Up for a Free Trial Version of the course.

Real World Results from this Shopify Ecommerce Training:

Graph of SEO traffic to Shopify store in 2020.

This graph is of my client’s Shopify store.

I started working on the site of March 2020.  It took a lot of work at first to get all the On-page SEO fixed, things like duplicate content, canonicals, Collection and Product pages, etc.

I just followed the steps outlined in the ShopifyX SEO course.  I could see the traffic start to pick up because Google could understand our site better, and started to rank our pages higher in search results, and we started to make more money.

As you can see, in the summer we tried running Google Ads.  Unfortunately the Google Ads (which are not part of the training in this course) were not converting well enough for us, so we stopped paying for the ads.

As you can see from the chart, this isn’t some over-night push button fix.  This is building a Shopify business online using search engine optimization.

Since I started in March, by the time the Christmas shopping season hit, we were rocking and rolling and really crushed in with SEO traffic on the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, and then throughout the holiday season.

If we had started working on the site in August, we would not have had as much time to fix and rank the site, and therefor wouldn’t have made as much sales in December.

This stuff works, it just takes time.  But here’s one of the great things about SEO.  Once you build it, it lasts.  You don’t turn it off.  You keep building and getting more and more traffic.

For this Shopify site, the client told me the year end numbers.

Keep in mind, before I started working on the site, they had a Shopify site, Instagram and Facebook page and that was it.

In 2019 (year before I worked on the site), website sales were 7 1/2% of the company’s total revenue.  For 2020 (I started SEO in March), website sales were 20 % of revenue.

That is a real world increase of 167% in revenue from SEO in 2020, the year a pandemic hit and there was mass political chaos in the USA.

I was explaining every step of the way to my client how they were getting more traffic and sales from SEO.  But, it really hit home to them when they were looking at their year end numbers.

The number don’t lie, they are making money.

The client is hooked. 

Their aim for 2021 is 50% of total revenue from online sales.  They’ve hired a new employee to help get me what I need done with the website.  They have increased their spend with my SEO services.

50% for 2021 is a big goal, but I really think they can hit it.

So what do you think?

Do you think I’m making this up?  I hope not.  If I was, I’d be showing you numbers that were hundreds of percent higher!

Actually, I’ve seen others in the Shopify X SEO group do better than me, but I’m just talking about the real world results that I’ve achieved from the course.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to convince to sign up to the course through my link.  If you’re still not convinced, that’s ok, this is not for everyone and it does take work.

If you want and need these types of results for your Shopify site, sign up for a Free Trial today!

Get a FREE Trial

You can get a FREE Trial of the course, that will give you access to the first 11 video modules.

Then, if you like what you see, you can pay for access to the entire thing.

And, if you don’t see the quality, you lose nothing out of your pocket.

You can click the button below to Sign Up for a Free Trial Version of the course.