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customersAttract More Customers:
By leveraging Google and YouTube you can give your business an unfair advantage over the competition.

How can you do this?

By enlisting our custom search engine optimization techniques to push your website to the top of Google and YouTube searches that are important to your customers.

moneyIncrease Revenues:
With more traffic to your business, you will be busier than ever.  Having a greater amount of customers allows a business to pick only the best projects and customers that they want to work with.  This leads to better work, happier clients, and greatly increased revenues to YOUR business.


I’ve known Bruce for many years. He’s one of those people that pursues his passions with great vigor, immersing himself in his work. When Bruce has an objective, it’s fun to watch him pursue the end goal. I say this because he’s literally the most persistent individual I’ve ever met when it comes to accomplishing a deliverable he’s tasked with and does so only at the highest level; never settling for anything less than perfection. When he became interested in SEO concepts and mastering SEO techniques, I knew if I am ever in need of an SEO expert, without hesitation he’s the first person, the only person, I would go/run to for help and advice in optimizing a website’s ability to draw in the demographic my client’s after. When it comes to his capabilities in SEO, he delivers every time. Settling for less than the best has never been an option for Bruce, which is what makes him so effective at his craft.
Trey Scott, GDH Consulting
Bruce is truly an innovator in online marketing. His level of understanding of search engines is above and beyond the average SEO experts. I would proudly recommend Bruce and his marketing agency to anyone who wants to dominate their market place. Don’t wait, jump on the train of your future.
Vella Frakes, Online Media Journalist
I can’t recommend Bruce enough! Bruce thrives on helping businesses obtain new customers through search engine marketing.

You know he knows what he’s talking about because he applies what he knows to his own business and it works!

If you want your business to rank at the top of google when a customer is searching for what you do, then you need to meet with Bruce Paulson. Hands down, best investment for your business. What do you have to lose? About a few thousand customers.

Pam Goodman, President - K6 Easy
Bruce is very knowledgeable in SEO, in addition to being a hard worker. He’ll get the job done right!
Tom Wooters, PhD, Medical Writer at ICON
Bruce helped us customize our website across our various brands, manage engagement, and get the best value for our money. He is responsive and flexible; two traits I really need and appreciate in a business partner. Bruce is a polished and professional, and an excellent search engine marketer. I have gained much knowledge about the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization in particular through Bruce’s guidance.
O. Moses, Creative Director/Designer at Oludar & Co.
If you are looking for someone that can get your business more exposure, and more customers, then Bruce is your guy. He is well skilled in Search Engine Optimization. As a student of mine, he learned what it takes to move a business’ website to the top of the search engines. Bruce’s skills will bring your website more customers, and greater revenues.
Gregory Ortiz, Digital Marketing Consultant To Various Fortune 500 Companies. Entrepreneur.
Bruce is an expert at Search Engine Marketing. He will take your business to the top of the search results. I have watched as Bruce has studied, and applied the important aspects of Search Engine Marketing that I’ve taught him. His expertise will benefit your company by giving you more of the most valuable asset for any business… customers.
Joshua Fletcher, Founding Partner at Call Tracking Pro
Bruce has a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization. He knows what it takes move a business to the top of search results. He studied, then applied all the important techniques of SEO that I taught. If you need to get your business in front of more people actively searching for your goods and services, then contact Bruce today.
Kotton Grammer, Nationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur. I Alter Businesses by Sending Revenue Producing Organic Traffic to Websites
The value that Bruce offers is truly priceless. His services and personal knowledge have helped our companies visibility grow immensely. Everyone I have referred Bruce to has been ecstatic with his work.
Guy Whilden, Financial Services Representative | Piedmont Planning
Bruce is deeply passionate about making the benefits of SEO available for “Main Street” businesses. He is committed to your success as he knows that “success” is returned to the community many times over. If you’re looking to grow your business and your revenues, you will not find a better partner than this guy!
Adriana Montanari, Internet Entrepreneur.

Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization Services?

Do you need to bring more customers to your Raleigh Durham website?  Do you know how many customers you’re losing, to websites that are ranked above yours?

These are some quick facts that illustrate the importance of search engine optimization:

•    93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine, like Google
•    89% of customers begin their buying process by performing a search on a search engine

In a recent study, with a sample size of 8 million clicks, found that 94% of users clicked on a first-page result, and only 6% clicking on the second page, and selecting a result there.

Those numbers are dramatic.

The first page of the search results is where the customers are.  The first page is where your customers are.  If you have a business website in Raleigh Durham, NC, you need it to bring customers to your business.  It is an asset that needs to perform.

Here at Determined Solutions consultants, the premier Raleigh Durham digital marketing agency, we specialize in bringing your business–to the customers that are looking for, and ready to purchase, your goods and services.

Our services help your business capture lost opportunities and lost revenues.

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The Process

The idea is simple.  You want your business prominently displayed on the front page of search results.  Determined Solutions consulting moves your business–to your customers–on the front page of search results.

Our company performs high-quality custom Search Engine Optimization.  No gimmicks or tricks.

We do this by studying the most important search engines and figuring out what they are looking for.  The search engines are simply looking for information that tells it what your website is about.  The more information and the better quality of information you give to the search engine, the higher you’ll place in its search results.

We specialize in helping local businesses acquire new customers and grow their revenues in the Raleigh Durham North Carolina area, by ranking their website on the first page of Google search engine results.

At Determined Solutions we make it easy for the search engines to find the information it wants.

We will analyze your website to check for any deficiencies and make any necessary changes to optimize the existing content.

We start at the beginning with an important question.  Is your business website Mobile Friendly?  Google is serious about this, publicly announcing that it will impact a site’s position in search results.  The number of searches on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones has overtaken the number of searches on desktop computers.  You can read more about that here.  And this trend is only going to accelerate.

Your website has to be Mobile Friendly.

Next, we will build a social community around your website.  This is natural for businesses to do.  You need your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, but did you know there are hundreds more?  Your business needs to claim these digital properties.  We can do this for your business and make sure these properties are set up in a way that sends a clear and consistent message to the search engines.

We’ll get the internet talking about your business.  We’ll create a buzz around your business that will bring the search engine’s attention.

Additionally, we’ll make sure your business is listed prominently in all the most important places on the internet.  And we’ll optimize these listings, so they give the search engine the information it wants loud and clear.

Next Steps

As the best Raleigh Durham SEO Experts, we understand how important it is to get your business in front of the customers that need your goods and services.  We specialize in working with local clients right here in the Triangle Area.  You want to be listed prominently on all the maps, such as Google and Apple, and increasingly, you want your business optimized for local Facebook searches.

This combination of all our efforts will propel your business to the top of organic search results.  This is where your customers are.  And, this is where your business needs to be.

We focus on building a structure that supports your website and that stands up for the long term. Because of our work, most of our Raleigh Durham SEO clients find the return they get from the SEO we do is significantly better than any form of paid advertising.

We offer a few different types of services. Depending on what you need, we can start blanketing the first page of search results by not only ranking your website, but also other web properties such as Youtube videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp.

Getting It Done

Are you ready to accelerate your revenues? Yes? Great! Fill out our Discovery Form and we’ll get started taking your online marketing platform and your business–to the next level.

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