How Dentists can Fix Their Website Pictures To Get More Visitors From Google – Image SEO

A simple technique to easily get in front of more people that are search Google looking for a dentist, is to properly name the pictures on your website.

You do this by giving an accurate and relevant name to the file name of the image.

In this video, I explain what how this looks, but keep reading, because I’ll elaborate more after the video:

I don’t do image thumbnails for my videos, so this terrible image is what I end up with.

Charlotte Dentist Image Optimization Example

In the video I use the example of the very first image that you see under the Images section on the Google search result for “best dentist in Charlotte, NC”.

The first image you see has the image file name of Southview-Homepage-Campaign-new-1.jpg.

The problem is, the image or picture is of the entire dentist office staff standing at the front desk.

Do you think “Southview Homepage Campaign New 1” is a good way to describe the picture?

Or do you think something like “Charlotte dentist office staff” which would make the file name charlotte-dentist-office-staff.jpg, sounds better?

Not only does charlotte-dentist-office-staff.jpg sound better, it is more relevant to Google searches for a Charlotte dentist.

You might be asking, “Ok Bruce, if the picture isn’t name properly, then why is it the first image ranking when you search for: best dentist in Charlotte, NC?”

That’s a great question.

The reason that it is ranking #1 with a not very good image file name, is because the rest of the SEO on the website is pretty good. Just look at the name of the website:

The name of the website has the Keywords “dentist” and “charlotte” right in the domain name, which makes the website very relevant for “best dentist in Charlotte, NC” searches.

Get Ahead of Your Dental Competition

So if you need to get more visitors to your website, then you need to do everything you can. And optimizing your images with proper relevant file names, give you a much better chance of showing up well in Google.

Properly naming your image files is one of the low hanging fruits in the world of search engine optimization.

If you have any questions about how to get your dental practice to show up better in Google, so you can get more patients, then fill out my Discovery Form today

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