Dentists: Stop Using Duplicate Content That is On Hundreds of Other Dentist Websites

Almost all dentist website have the EXACT SAME content as hundreds or thousands of other dentists websites. And I’m not exaggerating, I can prove this to you.

Now, I want to say I’m not just beating up dentists, I’ve seen this in other medical niches as well, but nearly all of my work is with dentists so that’s why I’m bringing this to your attention.

You see, most dentist aren’t willing to actually talk about, but especially write about their own dental practice.

I get it. You’re too busy working with patients, dealing with employees, and running your business. It makes sense.

The problem is dentists hire a company to build their website for them.

The website obviously has to have content on it. By “content” I mean words, and paragraphs explaining your practice and the various services you provide.

So the web design company just copy and paste the exact same “we provide quality care” generic content on hundreds of sites.

Here is an example of the problem. I was analyzing a dentist website and dropped there content into a tool called Copyscape and found generic content used on many dentist competitors websites.

The exact content on this dentist website, was found on 80 other dentist websites.

This is a problem because Google doesn’t like Duplicate Content.

Dentists need to write their own content, or pay someone to write it for them.

Also, it just makes sense to do this because you are speaking directly to your customers, about your dental practice.

You are unique in your approach to the dental care of your patients and the writing on your website needs to reflect this.

Being unique makes you more relatable to patients and also helps with Google search.

I work with dentists all the time. I see the problems. I know many solutions.

If you need help getting more patients to your dental practice, give me a call or fill out my Discovery Form to find out more.

Here’s a video showing you exactly what this duplicate content problem looks like. This is from a dentist that need help getting found on Google.

No surprise they had issues with their website.

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