Dentists: Don’t spend ANY money on marketing until you FIX this!

If you’re a dentist and you are spending ANY money on marketing, you need to stop what you’re doing and fix this immediately:


I always talk about the Fundamentals of getting found online.

The fundamentals are so important and it’s amazing how many people skip over the fundamentals for the shiny fancy objects.

What good are fancy Facebook ads, or showing up at the top of valuable Google searches going to do for you, if your phone number is not clickable?

In this example (I’ll admit, this is an extreme example), this practice doesn’t even have their phone number listed on their website!

This website ranks #1 in Google for “Greensboro Dentist”, which is great.  And I guarantee you that they are losing 💲💲💲 because there phone number is not on their website, and it is not clickable.

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